Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gold Mine Security

Goldmine security

SUMMARY:  Goldmines are heavily susceptible to vandalism and theft.  Therefore, thorough security is necessary both inside and outside of the mine.  Entrance to the mine and its ADR is highly restricted to authorized personnel.  All actions that anyone takes on the goldmine’s premises are recorded by cameras.

As you can imagine, goldmines are hot spots for hazards and crime.  Just like a bank, a gold mine can become a major target for terrorists and thieves.  Therefore, a great deal of goldmine security is required to make sure these mines are not robbed of their precious commodities.

First of all, how is gold mined?  .  It is a heavy industry which is required to implement many regulations and procedures.  The raw ore is blasted off then excavated from the ground, hauled in trucks, and then crushed.  The gold is heated to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and poured into molds which the gold bars are made.  Therefore, a great deal of effort is required to prevent accidents and respond to emergencies effectively.

Whether you realized it or not, goldmines are vulnerable to threats created by angry employees, dishonesty of workers, terrorism, and vandalism.  Hence, security requires much more than a “No Trespassing” sign. Effective goldmine security  can be accomplished through the use of a 24-hour dispatch center or management team.  This means bodyguards, security guards, and personal agents with top qualified credentials.

Take for example, the Kisladag goldmine in Turkey.  It is surrounded by 18 kilometers of fencing to keep people from entering the premises and to avoid hazards from injuring innocent passer-bys.  Extra precautions are exercised by allowing only authorized personnel into the security area.  It’s not too likely there will be a school field trip here.

What measures are taken to enforce goldmine security here?  Each officer verifies his identity and all possessions he brings in that may cause accidental ignition, which are to be left in the office.  Accessories such as cell phones, radios, and other forms of communication equipment along with cigarette lighters are not allowed into the goldmine.  Anybody that enters the storage area must put both hands onto a copper plate to ground themselves from static.

The room subject to the greatest goldmine security is the “Gold Room” often referred to as the Absorption Desorption Recovery (ADR) room.  Here, the gold bars are made and prepared for shipping.  Only a few employees are permitted to enter this room, but visitors may only enter if the general manager along with one other senior manager grants them permission.  More than one signature is required to allow an outsider to enter.

Upon entering, all persons must undergo the scanning process.  Each is thoroughly searched and scanned  when entering and when departing the premises.  A security officer uses as many as 43 cameras to monitor the activity inside and outside of the ADR room.  In addition to the fencing, another security guard stands outside the gate.  Even after the gold bars are shipped, similar high-level security procedures are in place.

Working in a goldmine is very much like working in a place where currency is printed.  Protecting stacks of paper bills from being taken, a great amount of security is required.  Stealing a bar of gold may be tempting, especially to employees who are experiencing financial difficulties in their lives.  Don’t think you can just slip a few hundred dollar bills into your pocket and walk out without anyone noticing.  Wherever you go within the premises, your actions are recorded on camera.  And remember, not even the security guards are allowed to steal any of the gold.  If they try, it will cost them their jobs. 

Natural Dog Food

It might just amaze you to know that everything you have ever heard about not feeding your dog "human" food is not totally true.

This may include such things as table food will make your dog sick, or that it will give your dog worms, or a multitude of other dire consequences from letting your dog eat your leftovers. It may come as a shock that natural dog food, the very same natural food that you eat, is much better for your dog's health as well as your own.

Years ago, even before people got involved in the different movements that would insure the improvement of their health, there were dog owners who were feeding their dogs the same food they, themselves, were eating. The owners of these lucky dogs were simply cooking extra portions of their own meals so that their dogs could also enjoy healthy, home cooked food.

While anyone who knew of this was highly critical, these caring pet owners simply continued to do their thing. These same dog owners had a significantly higher amount of dogs that lived much longer than those of people who did not feed their dogs natural food. This alone should speak volumes about the importance of natural dog food.