Saturday, September 29, 2007

Earn Your Diploma With Online High School Classes

You can complete your diploma with online high school classes. Online classes work well for those who left high school early and need to complete their education, those who want to graduate from high school early and homeschoolers who need a recognized high school diploma.

Left School Early

If you left high school early, you have probably already discovered that you really need a high school diploma. Not having one severely limits your employment possibilities. You cannot enter the military or go to college without a high school education. You're really stuck, and completing your education is the only way out.

You can earn your diploma by taking distance learning classes online. That way, you can take the classes when it's convenient to you. You take the classes by computer, and your classroom is wherever you can access a computer with internet service. You take online high school classes at your convenience and at your own pace. You can accelerate through the classes, or take as much time as you need.

Early Graduation

Most people who want to graduate early want to enroll in college. If that is your goal, e-learning will help you get graduation requirements completed on your timeline. You can accelerate through the required classes and graduate one or two years early. Your home school district may even offer free online classes that will help you graduate early.

If you are hoping to enter college after early graduation, online education allows you to explore college classes at the same time you are completing your high school classes. Even before you are formally accepted into a college, you can take classes online from accredited universities. These classes will transfer to your college after you are accepted.


The rules for homeschooling vary from state to state, but wherever you are, one of the dilemmas homeschoolers face is high school graduation. Few states recognize homeschool courses, so most states won't grant a diploma to homeschoolers. Some homeschools and homeschool organizations issue their own diplomas, but they usually aren't accepted as valid. The military, colleges and employers may refuse to accept a homeschool diploma.

Some homeschoolers take the GED to validate their education. The GED doesn't have the same acceptance as a high school diploma, though.

Online high school classes are a good option for homeschoolers. They can complete the requirements for a recognized high school diploma while homeschooling by using online learning.

Taking high school classes online is a good option for any non-traditional student. It's a good way to complete high school on your terms, in a way that fits into your lifestyle.

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