Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sail through the HOBET

The Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET) measures the skills that a high school graduate should possess before entry into higher education. The HOBET objectively evaluates a student’s skills in fields that will prove valuable should he or she choose to carry out clinical practice after college.

Although HOBET is not a placement exam, it is advantageous as it helps to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses in mathematics and reading comprehension.


HOBET Mathematics test often include questions that fall under the following categories:

Basic Operations
Percents, Averages and Weighted Averages
Factoring, Line Plotting
Basic Geometry- Areas, Perimeter, Circumference, Volume, Angles, and Properties of Parallel lines

Like most Mathematics tests, it is often helpful to remember that Mathematics questions test your logic and the way you understand the relationship of numbers. Usually, you will be given at least one minute per question. Budget your time wisely by answering the easy questions first, leaving you with more time to answer the harder math questions.

Mathematics tests often begin with basic operation questions such as addition and subtraction. Shortcuts such as “even plus even is equal to an even number” may help in saving your time through the process of elimination.

Prepare yourself by memorizing the basic geometric formulas for Areas, Perimeter, Circumference and Volume and by acquainting yourself with basic geometric theorems. In answering word problems, tables and drawings might be helpful. Always remember the basic patterns for factoring and the basic formulas for problems on mixture, ratio and proportion, mixtures and speed.

Reading Comprehension

As in most exams, preparing for Reading Comprehension exams starts years before the exam day itself. The best preparation is always creating a habit out of reading by reading as often as possible.

Some of the most basic reading comprehension questions ask for the central theme, general mood or the significance of passage. It is therefore important for one to fully understand the passage by reading it thoroughly.

Another kind of reading comprehension question asks for the meaning of a word. By reading the passage twice before answering the question, it would no longer be difficult for you to locate the word within a passage and see how it was used in the sentence. Do not rely on your own understanding of a word. Remember that many words have double meanings so it would always be helpful to check its context within the passage.

Sometimes, the passage would provide information that are factually correct but are actually wrong. Remember that the passages given in the exam are not there for argument. The HOBET measures your ability to process information that is given to you therefore; you must read passages as they are.

Remember that the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test was not created to keep you out of college but to point out the areas that need to be improved before you go into advanced education. With the diagnostic report produced by HOBET, you and your teachers would be alerted as to what areas would need more assistance. The constructive method of HOBET is sure to guarantee your success in college.

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