Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are You Afraid To Make A Career Change?

We're pretty darn good at playing mind games with ourselves aren't we? Many of you have fooled yourselves into thinking that being afraid of changing your careers means you shouldn't go ahead and pursue a employment change. You probably figured that if you're that worried about making a employment career change happen, that maybe you shouldn't even bother try and not bother to take any chances.

When did you become so filled with fear? There are many people who feel that once you chose a occupation you're got to stick with it. They don't think they have the abilities or options to change and do something else. Quite often we sell our abilities short! Without trying to make a change, the more unhappy and dissatisfied people become with their work. Any time they consider a different career field, they are overcome with fear and figure they are locked into where they are.
Many people are fearful of not making enough money, not liking their new job, or even failing. Some people even feel that they might not even land the job in the first place so why even try? Maybe the new career is beneath you and you feel that you are simply "wasting your degree". Can you relate to any of these fears?

One of the ways to move past the career fears is by no longer waiting for your fear to disappear before changing employment and instead taking action despite being afraid. It's very normal to be scared about changing careers. If you weren't, I'd have to make sure that your heart is still beating! You have got to realize that you are not supposed to stop your fear in order to be able to change careers.

You must accept your fear as a part of this career changing transformation. Once you can do that, let yourself be afraid but still move forward to take the steps needed to get that next career. Looking behind you then can see that your fear was unfounded and was not really a big deal after all! Take a deep breath and let the fear go and take the first step. It won't be that bad, go for it!

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