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Elementary Education Trainingv

If the field of teaching is intriguing to you, then elementary education training is an appropriate place to start. Students who plan to teach in elementary or secondary schools should become familiar with individual state requirements to determine which elementary education program will be the best fit.

While all states require a Bachelor Degree (BA) to teach in the public sector, some vocational schools offer transfer programs whereby an Associate Degree (AA) may be attained prior to earning additional credit hours at a college or university.

Common curriculums provided in elementary education training may include various levels of English Composition, Education, Communication, Introduction to Education for Children with Special Needs, Classroom Instruction, Educational Psychology, and Child Growth and Development. Other courses in an elementary education training program may include Mathematics, History, Science, Physical Education, and more.

Public school teachers are required to be licensed in all 50 states, and licensure is most often granted by individual State Boards of Education upon completion of an approved education training program. Those who wish to teach in the private sector may not always be required to have a Bachelor's Degree. In this case, students may attain elementary education training via a vocational school and present an Associate's Degree to gain a private school teaching position.

If you are serious about a career in teaching, requirements can go well beyond the education obtained in a traditional or vocational school; many educational boards encourage and/or require professional certification. In particular, there is currently a National Certification program (sponsored by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) that allows teachers to transfer licenses from one state to another.

Typically, students who have successfully completed elementary education training at a trade school, and have gone on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree, may acquire gainful employment as teachers in preschool, kindergarten, elementary or middle schools.

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