Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Benefits of using a Professional CV Writing Services

In other words, a CV can be described as:

A chronological written representation of the self
A short but complete summary of education and work history
A detailed account of personal history including achievements
A summation of your personality

In a nutshell, a CV is a carefully crafted piece of publicity about oneself. It is an advertisement targeting the employer. A CV ought to contain:

Personal details
Educational qualifications
Employment details
Interests and achievements

In recent times, professional CV writing and consulting have become popular. Professional CV services can take two forms:

CV Writing where professional CV writers frame and write an individual CV based on information obtained from the individual
CV Consulting where an individual is given tips and guidance about how to write an impressive CV. Workshops in CV writing style are also given.

Reasons for the Growth and Popularity of Professional CV Writing Services

‘What was so special about his CV? What did the employer see in his CV? What was missing in mine?’- These are a few common queries which have led to the establishment of professional online CV writing agencies. Since 2001, there has been an influx of professional online CV writing services. Research indicates that professional online CV writing services are usually used by college graduates. Individuals today do not write their own CV but submit their vital basic information to a professional online CV writing agency. The reasons are:

a. Targets the prospective employer: A CV written by a professional writer is concise using crisp powerful language targeting the prospective employer. When the CV is being written for an individual employer, the professional writer tailors the CV to suit the particular organisation’s needs. The CV has to highlight the applicant’s strengths in accordance with the demands of the organization.

In case of writing a CV for a speculative employer i.e. an employer who is unsure of recruiting, the professional CV writer has to be brief and precise. The CV does not have to go into detail of education and work history. The CV needs to acquaint the employer about the candidate and his/ her potential generally.

b. Makes the CV impressive, right and unique: A professional online CV writing agency is going to write an individual’s CV so that it shines and makes the applicant stand out among all job applications. In order to do this, the professional online CV writer ought to:

Convey a positive image of the candidate
Be honest and not omit anything such as examination results
Show and not tell—the CV ought to demonstrate the skills and achievements of the applicant
Be convincing and enthusiastic – An employer sifts through an average of 54,000 job applications in a day. The individual’s CV has to portray a profile of a prospective enthusiastic employee

c. Fast and Convenient: Individuals are pressed for time. They may want to apply but don’t have the time or the patience to sit and prepare the ‘perfect CV’. They may intend to compete for the job and still function competently in the job market. This twin process is not possible. Online professional writing agencies take this responsibility and time-consuming task. The professional writers hired by the agencies write the organisationally suited, winning CV which will get the individual the interview call.

d. Improve chances of securing job interview

e. Shorten the time spent in looking for a job

f. Professional writers keep up- to-date with current job trends and are able to craft a CV keeping in line with the latest CV styles and methodology

Types of Online Professional CVs

Professional writing agencies thrive on being able to deliver uniquely crafted CVs suited to a particular organisation and work function. Online CV writing agencies understand that the same general CV cannot be used for all job applications. They usually have a sample format of a few CVs and make changes in accordance with individual information:

The General CV
The Executive CV
The Chronological CV
The Media CV
The technical/ Contractor CV
The Graduate CV
The Management CV
The Skill-based CV

Sometimes, online CV writers use two formats to come up with a novel CV approach. A CV is a personal autobiographical document. Thus, online CV writers must strive to bring in the personal effort and touch in every CV. Not all organisations request a CV in a job application. Thus, an online CV writing agency provides:

A personal well- documented CV in minutes
An individual CV in Word or WordPad format
Individual CV web address including web page
Sending CV through the email system
Offering standard and speculative cover letters
CV preview when being written
Allowing editorial changes through spell checker system
Latest updates in CV writing
Offering free interview tips and support


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