Friday, November 2, 2007

Online Bachelors Degrees Open Doors For Those With Limited Mobility

Students pursuing on online bachelors degree have always tended to be from a different demographic than the standard college student. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of individuals with limited mobility or various handicaps who have signed up for online educations.

There are a number of reasons for this, but all of them are signs of increased awareness that individuals with physical disabilities or limitations of any kind can certainly excel in a learning environment that is more comfortable for them and that presents fewer obstacles in terms of their mobility limitations.

Although there are federal laws requiring proper accommodation of those with disabilities (wheelchair access, etc.) at colleges and universities, there are still complications for many who would like to attend school. Carrying books, getting from building to building and braving inclement weather can all be difficult. Classrooms can also be uncomfortable with those who have arthritis, MS or other health problems.

Pursuing an online bachelor's degree gives individuals with disabilities or limitations the ability to create or modify their learning environment for more comfort. For those with back problems, chronic pain or severe arthritis, changing position, getting up to stretch and laying down for breaks can all be helpful. While it would be disruptive in a normal classroom, it is fine when you are studying online because you are pacing yourself and not interrupting a lecturer or teacher.

Being able to work on their own schedule and pace themselves is a great advantage for students with disabilities or physical restrictions. They can also arrange their home study space to suit their needs and avoid missing classes because they aren't feeling well or because they are at a disadvantage in a lab or classroom.

Those who are housebound, whether because they are bedridden or have psychological limitations, can also benefit from online schooling. The mental stimulation and sense of accomplishment can be particularly profound for those who are frustrated daily by the limitations on their ability to interact with the world at large. Online bachelor's degree programs open doors for them that were closed a generation ago.

Thirty years ago, it was felt that persons with physical disabilities were limited as to what they could do for a living. Fortunately, attitudes toward those who have certain limitations have changed drastically. Most people with physical disabilities can find rewarding careers because they have access to computers and the Internet. They can work from home, from their beds or virtually anywhere. To get started on these careers, many of these individuals get online bachelor's degrees as their first step toward independence.

Another group that is traditionally less mobile is senior citizens. While disability or illness accounts for some of this, it is also a fact that some seniors lose mobility because of simple aging. They can no longer drive or are living in assisted living facilities and just don't have available transportation. Active senior citizens are now enrolling on online colleges and universities to pursue degrees for the sheer pleasure of learning. Many have worked hard all their lives and are now taking classes that interest them, the kind of things they always wanted to learn but never had the time for.

Online colleges and universities are responding to the varied needs of students by offering more degree programs every year. Students with disabilities or who cannot get to a traditional campus will find that pursuing an online bachelors degree or certification is an ideal solution. Everything they will need is right there on their computer.

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