Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is it Prestigious to be a Teacher?

After graduation we get lost in the number of opportunities and careers proposed to us by various agents visiting high-school. Some students follow parents’ advice, some of them chose occupation taking prestige into consideration. Only a few strong-willed people follow their calling not paying attention to any of advice, orders and other factors. These brave people are more likely to be successful in their lives than others. Listening to teachers’ lecture we sometimes may think about a career of a teacher. After a couple of seconds an image comes to sight. Lots of screaming and yelling annoying children that do not follow directions stay noisy and do not know the word “order”. After an image like that your desire to become a teacher disappears. After a couple of weeks you start thinking about it again. What is that teachers do for us?

This topic can be boring for youngsters for they could have written millions of essays on the similar topic. But if to look at the problem a bit deeper, there is always something interesting and exciting to find out. A person always tries to be in charge of somebody. This increases self-confidence and gives power over people. Being a teacher you may become more self-confident and see how much you can do for yourself. Imagine, how much can you give to a young boy or girl that absorbs every word you utter. Financial aspect has always been important even for those who cared only about a job. That’s why people sometimes mention the wished salary during interview when applying to some position. Teachers are well-paid nowadays and salaries depend on working hours and extra curriculum work with children. A person can express himself or herself in any field possible. To become a professional you are to be coached and tutored. Who is going to do it? Of course, a teacher. Every specialist is born from hard work both of a student and a teacher. Teachers were always respected by people and those, involved in education and science almost always get recognition with their contribution to the world of knowledge. Every student is a visit card that tells a long story about a teacher and methodology. Requirements for teachers are high, but the result is rewarding. You fulfill your dream and become a respectable citizen.

That is why people prepare a good resume, gather all the awards and diplomas and go for an interview with a strict school principal to join a team of those who were disliked and even hated during teenage years. And they do it not because of prestige or money or fame, but because of respect, hidden deep inside in high-school year’s memories. They want to be at least a bit like that brave, outgoing, strict but kind-hearted person that seems to know the answers to all the questions.


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