Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What If You Could Change Careers?

Gone are the days of working with the same employer for 30 or 40 years. Today‘s generation is expected to change careers every five to ten years. Whether you have been in your career ten years or 40 you may feel that you are stuck in a dead end career because of the potential risk of a career change.

Nothing is further from the truth in today‘s world.

Some career changes can happen with the same employer, other career changes will require you to seek a new employer or start your own business. Some career changes are of your own choosing and others may be the result of company down sizing.

Have you been dreaming of a new career but have not taken the step because of the fear of the unknown? With some pre-planning you can pursue a new career without risking your financial security.

Career opportunities are endless. When planning for a career change, make sure you know exactly what you want to do.

Ask yourself some questions:

What do you enjoy doing?

Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing. What do you enjoy about your current career? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What are you good at?

Life is full of experiences and you have learned a few things along the way. List what you are good at. Think about the areas that people ask your advice on. What talents do you have? You can be your own worst critic. Ask others what they see in you.

What would you change about your current career?

You know what you do not like about your current career; make a list of all the negatives. This list will help you determine what you do not want in your new career.

What are your goals?

Make a list of your goals. As you prepare for a career change, ask yourself if you will be able to achieve your goals in your new career.

What new areas of training will you need?

When pursuing a new career, do not allow your lack of experience to stop you. Take advantage of training opportunities. You may be able to find training locally or online.

Making a career change, especially in midlife, is a major decision. The security of your present career may prevent you from venturing into new territory. Research your prospective new career and find out what the income possibilities are. Calculate the differences in the benefits. Using your new career income, calculate your monthly budget. Is it worth it? Can you afford this change financially?

Changing careers can be exciting. Do not let your age stop you from pursuing your dream. From today until retirement can be the most rewarding times of your life, if you choose to follow your dream and start a new career.

Yes, you can change careers. Consider your options and make the smart move to a rewarding new career.


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