Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Best Investment - You and Your Career

Are you interested in a career in business, education, health science, psychology or the behavioral sciences? You can excel in your field with a degree and pursue the career of your dreams.

There are many universities that offer undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees that will launch your career, or provide you the edge you need to get ahead in your field. Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco—there are thousands of campus locations across the nation, and with online degree and distance learning programs, you can be literally anywhere and get your degree.

Making The Choice: What To Look For In A College


You want qualified instructors. You want teachers that don’t just talk the talk-they’ve also walked the walk. You want working professionals with years of experience. Many colleges utilize a faculty that brings more than just a textbook and a syllabus to the classroom; they bring professional knowledge and real-world insight into your field. With the right instruction, right out of the gate, you can be learning real-world applications that you can put into action--not just isolated theories.

Small Class Size

It’s well know that the smaller the class, the greater your chance of success. Look for a college that believes that close interaction with instructors helps build a sense of community among faculty and fellow students, as well as providing networking opportunities that can enhance your career opportunities. Choosing this unique learning model will keep the focus on you and your future success.


Many college have programs are designed to prepare you for a meaningful, rewarding career, but you also want a school that understands that you have a life outside of our classroom. Many colleges have programs that enable you to customize your schedule by offering evening and weekend classes, as well as online classes. Choose the program that’s built to fit your life.

Of course, you may already be out there pursuing your dreams and working in your field. You don't want to interrupt your career to focus exclusively on study. Many colleges offer programs that are designed to fit the time constraints of your already busy schedule. You can earn your undergraduate or graduate degree through on-campus learning, online learning, or a mix of both. Many colleges offer a combination of offsite tutorials and intensive one-week classroom sessions that are held throughout the year. Flexibility and accelerated degree programs distinguish some universities--these schools have the flexibility designed to suit you and give you the edge you need to succeed.

Whatever your goal--completing your bachelor's degree, pursuing a master's or doctoral degree--you'll find a college that is both relevant and flexible and designed to suit your life. Be poised for success and discover how earning your degree from will help you get a fresh start and an exciting career.


A full range of degree programs, from associate's and bachelor's to master's and doctoral studies, are available. Depending on your choice of college, you can choose a campus-based education, online courses, or a blended mix of both. You select which option best suits you.

Degrees are available in these exciting fields:

• Clinical Psychology
• Clinical Psychology/Marriage & Family Therapy
• Community Counseling
• Counseling Psychology
• Counseling Psychology/Marriage & Family Therapy
• Counselor Education and Supervision
• Forensic Psychology
• Marriage & Family Therapy
• Mental Health Counseling
• Organizational Leadership
• Pastoral Community Counseling
• Professional Counseling
• Psychology
• Psychology (Degree Completion Program)
• School Counseling
• School Psychology
• Sport-Exercise Psychology

In the area of Education and Human Development, you’ll find these options:

• Community College Executive Leadership
• Educational Leadership
• Institutional Leadership

Those interested in Business and Information Technology may want to consider:

• Business Administration
• Business Administration (Degree Completion Program)
• Management

The fascinating world of Health Sciences offers:

• Dental Hygiene
• Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound)
• Health Service Management
• Histotechnology
• Medical Assisting
• Medical Laboratory Technology
• Radiation Therapy
• Radiologic Technology
• Veterinary Technology

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