Thursday, November 1, 2007

Genuine Schools Which Offer Online Or Distance Education

Though the internet is replete with lots of fake universities, if you exercise a little caution you’ll come across genuine schools which offer online or distance education. Caution is what many people have thrown into the wind and what they’re reaping is fake certificate from fake and unscrupulous school which offer online or distance education. You must be different.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can still get genuine online university distance education. Many people are running away from online education because of the many negative report they’ve come across in the dailies or on the web. The following is a non-exhaustive list of institutions where you can get quality online education.

The American InterContinental University

The American InterContinental University Online's programs allow people like you to earn their degrees while continuing to work full-time. This means you don’t have to leave your work before earning a degree from this unique university.

The University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is another world-renowned education online distance university where you can get online university distance education. As an accredited private university, the institution offers tremendous advantages of online education via the Internet.

The Art Institute Online

Another reputable institution is The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The school offers professional certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs in graphic design, digital design, and interactive media design.

DeVry University Online

If you’re looking for an institution that is reputable for information technology, the DeVry University Online is your sure bet. It offers bachelor degrees in Information Technology, Technical Management, and Business Administration. The school has enough facility to take care of your needs.

Penn Foster Career School

If you want to earn an associate degree or diploma, online or by mail, the Penn Foster Career School should be your choice.

These schools are fully accredited by the relevant authorities. By being accredited, it means they conform to strict rules and regulation of the relevant bodies governing online education. The standards set by these organizations are not easy to attain. Employers believe that anybody having certificates from any of these schools has passed through high standard of education. Hence, accreditation must be your watch word when searching for schools which offer online or distance education. That must be the question any school offering online or distance education must answer.

Not all the schools which offer online or distance education are genuine. You must be careful. Many of them claim to give you free certificates for work not done, classes not attended, assignments not done and so on. This is not acceptable and will negatively affect your career in the long run. Hence, you must look before you leap.

You can conduct more research for reputable online institutions on the web. Make sure you use goggle, the world renowned search engine. It will give you a lot of result that will help you in your search for good and reliable online university distance education.

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