Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Moving Beyond College Housing After Graduation

You have spent several years of college getting used to small spaces, shared accommodations and the nuances of college living. While you may not have imagined college housing as a comfortable place on your first day of school, you will be reluctant to leave for the real world. There are a number of ways to find housing after college that will help you feel at home after work.

One way to replicate the cosiness of college housing is to find an apartment situated between work and a local university. The atmosphere created by university students and professors as they walk along the streets in fall can help you relive your school days every day. You should also look to save elements of college housing design like lighting and wall hangings that fit into your home’s d├ęcor. You also need to find post-graduate housing that passes the initial visual test. Your best tool when searching for a new apartment or home is your first impressions. It is critical that you take a look at the exterior as well as every room in the interior to develop an initial judgement. Your college housing may have left a lot to the imagination when you moved in but as a graduate you can dictate the type of dwelling you use.
An area of housing that is often misunderstood by university graduates is the cost of living. Graduates with experience living in regular apartments away from campus may understand the price of utilities and groceries but the safety net of college is yanked from many students in an instant. You need to add several hundred pounds onto any monthly rent to accurately assess your financial burden. A determination of your savings and loan repayments for school loans is also critical for an accurate budget.

You may be eager to get started on turning your new apartment into a home but it is critical that you get every agreement with an apartment manager in writing. The apartment lease is the most basic document needed in your portfolio to avoid misunderstandings about rent and other responsibilities. You should also approach verbal agreements with extreme caution as they are difficult to enforce in the legal system. A template contract found on most word processing software can be printed off with the appropriate information and signed by an apartment manager as proof of informal agreements.

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