Thursday, November 15, 2007

How Go Freelance And Start Working Today

Are you sick and tired of a dead end 9-5 job? Maybe it is time for you to go freelance and become your own boss. People from all walks of life are finding that they can find a rewarding career in freelance work right from their own home.

Here are five of the hottest jobs for new freelancers who want to start right away:

Freelance Writer
Okay, so not everyone can be the next J.K Rowling and write a best-selling novel, but you’d be surprised at what level of writing can actually make you money online. If you have even a little talent as a writer, then the sky’s the limit as to how much you can make. From writing reports for companies, to product reviews, or even offering a resume writing service, there’s always a need for writers to provide these services all over the world.

Virtual Assistant
If you’ve got access to a computer, a good Internet connection, and you have a decent set of organizational skills, then you may want to look at becoming a virtual assistant. Many small to medium sized companies are now outsourcing a lot of their administrative work. Instead of using a recruitment agency, they prefer to use people working from home. So, if you can work a spreadsheet and answer calls, this might be ideal.

Fill out Surveys Online
Probably the easiest way to get started making money as a freelancer from home, completing surveys offers a way for you to get paid for your opinion. This usually comes in the form of companies wanting to judge the marketplace before launching a new product, and they’ll ask for your input via an online survey.

However, you need to sign up to as many companies as possible and hope you get selected for more than the average amount of surveys to make good money. But, just like the rest, it can be done with commitment, hard work and just a little bit of luck!

Taking pictures. Do you have a digital camera and an internet connection? Then you can get paid to take pictures of everyday items. Magazines, online e-zines and online companies pay very well for good snapshots.

Internet research. Companies pay workers to research the internet for competitive products or services and report it back to them. This is great for someone who loves to spend time surfing the web. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to get paid.

If these jobs sound interesting, then there has never been an easier time to go freelance and find cool jobs like these. You don’t need years of schooling to get started either. Just sign up with a good freelance site, like GoFreelance, and you could start working today right from your own home.

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