Friday, October 5, 2007

9 Tips For A Successful Interview

Looking for a new job can be a frustrating experience. Being prepared and ready for an interview help relieve some of the stress in job hunting. Here are 12 tips that can help to ease your interview process:

Tip 1: Obtain detailed information on the company

It is important that you have the full details of the company you are going for interview. Details such as address, telephone number, name of the interviewer or contact person to see. You need to know the exact location of the company or the location where the interview is going to be conducted by the company. If you are not certain about the location, contact the company to find out where exactly the company is located, what are the land marks that can help you to locate it.

Tip 2: Be Punctual

Don't be late because you will give a poor first impression to the interviewers. Always arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the interview time. Get to the interview location before the time will help you mentally prepare yourself for the interview.

Tip 3: Dress Code Your appearance and grooming are important to give a good first impression for the interviewers. Always wear clean and well-ironed light clothes suitable for day wear. Gentlemen should wear a suit and tie. Ladies make up should be light; hair should be neat and tidy. You need to spend some time to coordinate your dress with appropriate accessories so that you feel confident you look your best.

Tip 4: Switch off Pagers and Mobile Phones

Don't let your interview process being interrupted by the incoming rings of mobile phone or beeping sound from your pager. Always turn them off before you go in for the interview.

Tip 5: Presentation of updated CV and Certificates

Always carry with you your updated CV, original certificates and reference letters. Present these documents to your interviewer when he asks to see them. Use a neat folder for easy reference.

Tip 6: Be positive at the interview

Be prepared on the questions that you might be asked during the interview. It is important to work out the information your prospective new employers are looking for. Always be positive even when asked a question that is unexpected. You must listen positively when the interviewer explain to you the duties of the job. Don't afraid to ask questions if you are not clear or would like to know more about the job.

Tip 7: Smile & Maintain Eye Contact

Your body language can tell the interviewer more about you than you realize. It is important to relax and not be tense, to smile and answer the questions confidently. Always look at the eye of the interviewers when you answer their questions and keep your answer clear. Correct body language and a good eye contact with the interviewers will give you a good successful edge.

Tip 8: Ask Questions

Just answering the questions of the interviewers is not enough. Asking sensible questions and showing an interest in the organization indicate to the interviewers your seriousness to the job position.

Tip 9: Thanks the Interviews at the End of Interview Once the interview session is finished, remember to thank the interviewers for their time. If it is your first interview, the interviewers will indicate to you the possibility of a second interview, check with them when the second interview is likely to be and make a note of the likely date so that you do not forget.


Getting yourself prepared, look confident and react positive during the interview session are important factors that determine a successful of your interview.

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