Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Accounting Degree

A directory of schools providing quick and easy information about their programs, organized by location; and links to related career categories.

In accounting school you will be trained in the fundamentals of business economics, auditing, ERP systems, general ledger and accounting systems, bookkeeping, and more. While getting your accounting degree you will also develop substantial computer skills and the ability to work with spreadsheets, database and financial analysis packages. An accounting degree program prepares you to fill a critical role within today's business and corporate environments. All accounting courses are taught by teachers with real world business experience.

In this era where public accounting firms are under harsh review, and the accounting practices of public corporations are also in question, trained professionals are in very high demand. An accounting degree will provide you with many opportunities in corporations of all sizes, public accounting firms, or even the opportunity to do freelance accounting work. Careers in accounting can lead you to corporate accounting, private accounting, management accounting, government accounting and auditing, and internal auditing.

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