Friday, October 12, 2007

SAT Reading Questions

Beginning in March of 2005, the SAT Reasoning Test has a Critical Reading section that replaces the old Verbal section. The SAT Critical Reading questions take up 70 minutes of the test and are delivered in three sections, two 25-minute sections, and one 20-minute section. There are a total of 67 multiple choice questions in these sections consisting of 19 sentence completion questions and 48 reading comprehension questions.

SAT Score for Critical Reading

The student will receive an SAT score for the Critical Reading section on the 200 to 800 scale.

What Happened to Analogies?

Analogies have been dropped from the new SAT for several reasons. Questions of this type are not very relevant to current high school curriculums. In addition, analogy questions had a tendency to encourage students to memorize vocabulary as one means of studying for the SAT test.

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