Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marine Mechanic Schoo

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Marine mechanics work with 2 and 4 stroke cycle engines, fuel systems, boat electrical systems, manual (pull) starters, and magneto (key based) engine starters. They maintain these engines, and perform diagnostic tests to find problems using VQA meters and ignition test equipment. When troubleshooting problems the mechanic may start the engine and take the boat for a test run to get a better idea of the nature of a reported problem. Significant time is spent studying different types of engines and reading manufacturers manuals to develop a better understanding of a specific type of engine.

While receiving your marine mechanic training, you will learn to quickly and efficiently diagnose, service, and repair:

* boat engines
* fuel systems
* electrical systems
* steering systems
* Loran and GPS navigation systems
* and more ...

In addition to courses in marine mechanics, you will also spend significant hands on time working directly with various types of boats. All courses are taught by professionals with live experiences as professional marine mechanics.

If you have a love of boats and water, and also have a knack for engines, a career as a marine mechanic (also known as a motorboat mechanic) may be the way to go. Professional marine mechanics are prized for their ability to get the most out of a boat's engine, and can find employment at dealerships, marinas, repair shops, or even with a boat manufacturer.

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