Thursday, October 4, 2007

Modify Your Skin Care As You Grow Older

Are you aware that your skin is an organ? Most people do not realize this nor do they realize the skin is the largest organ they have. Given its size and role, it is important to take care of your skin. How depends on your age.

Nature comes up with some tremondous things and skin is at the top of the list. When you really think about it, it is simply shocking. Skin is your barrier to the world. It allows you to sweat out bad things, but lets nothing unwanted in.

As amazing as skin is, it has one weakness inherent to all parts of our bodies. Simply put, it ages. Through in the exposure to the elements including pollution, wind and the sun, and the passing years are not kind.

I am sure you are hardly surpised to learn that skin ages over time. It is obvious, right? If so, why do you use the same skin treatment techniques you always have? You shouldn't. As we age, our approaches to skin care should as well.

The first stage is rather obvious. When you are a baby, your skin is at is peak. Soft, pliable, and not yet feeling the effects of a hostile world. Mild soap and warm water should be used to clean. Staying out of the direct sun is a must.

Being a kid is great. Bumps and bruises simply don't slow you down. Your skin is just as tough during this phase of life, so it just needs regular cleaning to get the dirt off. Fair skinned kids should wear sun protection.

The teen years are often ones of rebellion. Well, the same goes for your skin. Hormones and glands start producing oil, pimples, rashes and so on. Wash twice a day to keep things under control and avoid moisturizers. Sunscreen is a must still.

The roaring twenties are some of the best years for many people. This can also be an optimal time for your skin. Washing twice a day is still the best routine, but you may find once is sufficient as you head towards your late twenties.

You've moved into your thirties, which means one thing. Moisturizers. It is tiime to become familiar with them because you should use them each and every day. Your skin is starting to show wear and tear. Moisturizers help minimize it.

Your forties can be a tough time from a skin perspective. You will notice a significant drop off in the elasticity and sheen of your skin. Moisturizers should remain a critical part of your life and anti-aging products may be wise.

50? You probably never envisioned yourself in this position, but there you are. You really need to watch your skin closely. It is not rebounding well, so use moisturizers, treat cuts, drink lots of water and eat well.

The good news is we are living much longer on average. The amazing structure of our skin is such that it can take the extra beating. To get the most out of it, however, you must take care of it early on in life. So, do it!

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