Friday, October 5, 2007

Nailing that Job With A Killer Cover Letter

Your success in the job market could depend heavily on how good your cover letter is. Statistics show the average American's jobhunt lasting up to or over nine months! This makes it more critical now than ever that you get your foot in the door before you get it slammed in your face. With the right cover letter, that goal can be a lot easier to reach.

When your potential bosses are sitting in heaps of applications, and all they want is one single person to do the job, the cover letter is usually their first line of inspection. From the cover letter, they derive their first impressions of you, which makes this stand out as your first chance to be the better guy for the job.

Getting through this first inspection is 100% key to getting the job. This could easily make or break your chances of getting the job you're applying for. The resumes with successful cover letters will pass the test and stay in the running...but the applications that fail the test will be dispassionately disposed of.

Not many of us manage to go to college majoring in Cover Letter Writing, so having a good one being so essential may be a little disheartening. Well cheer up, you don't have to be born an expert. You just need a teacher!

One of the best teachers out there is the tried-and-true example. It's always been wise to learn how to do something important by getting in touch with people who have either done it successfully or have risen above to become "masters" of whatever skill you're trying to learn. However, finding these "experts" isn't always easy, which can make the process rather difficult.

Luckily, the "expert" you're going to be looking for in this field isn't a person, it's the cover letter itself! It just isn't necessary to go hunting for the person who's written successful cover letters...instead go hunting for the cover letters themselves! They're a lot easier to find, and frankly they can tell you more than any person ever could.

Being able to analyze and adapt something is a skill you'll be glad to build while you're at it, because such a skill is highly valued in the workplace. Too many people just get lazy and plagiarize, which gets you nowhere...if you take the time to learn what makes a cover letter good, not only will it allow you to create your own successful cover letters, but it'll also improve your analysis skills and make you even better in the eyes of potential employers!

Always remember that your cover letter needs to do two things in particular: present your personal qualification information, and get you set up for an interview. And while the first one is important, the true purpose of the cover letter is always to raise your chances of getting that interview. You get the interview, and it's up to you to impress the employer...but without a great cover letter, you could never even get that far.

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