Saturday, October 6, 2007

Careers in Massage Therapy

A recent AMTA (The American Massage Therapy Association) survey of American consumers shows that over twice as many adult Americans have reported receiving massages from massage therapists in the past year.

Why are people getting massages? Reasons range from relaxation benefits to stress reduction and therapeutic relief.

Where are people getting a massage? Many receive a massage at spas. Some schedule a massage at a massage therapist’s office or prefer a massage therapist come into their home. Others get a massage at hotels/resorts, chiropractors’ office, beauty salons, physical therapists’ office, health clubs, alternative therapy clinics, student clinics (at a massage school), hospitals, airports, retail outlets, physicians’ office or medical clinics.

Ten years ago, there were 54,000 massage therapists and bodyworkers. Today, there are approximately 175,000. Ten years ago, there were 240 state approved massage schools in our country. Today, there are 1,067. With so many Americans searching for skilled massage therapists, the need for professionals in this field continues to grow rapidly.

Though the history of massage is rooted in technique and body language, this field is also about healing intentions and a connection between therapist and client. Massage therapists formally trained through an accredited program learn a wide variety of subjects including: anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, therapeutic touch and modalities, Swedish and shiatsu massage, chiropractic assistance, reflexology, sports massage, pregnancy and infant massage, chair massage, aromatherapy, trigger point, and myotherapy.

When searching for a massage therapy school, be sure to ask whether the program is accredited? Ask the school if you can observe classes. Can you meet instructors and students?

Formal career training can vary from approximately three to eighteen months. Find a program that best fits your needs and schedule.

After all, massage therapy is a great career choice! The growing popularity of alternative and complementary medicine in the stressful society of which we live has helped increase the need for massage therapists.

The field of massage therapy offers many career choices. Perhaps you can help others by becoming a massage therapist! Enjoy the power of touch!

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