Friday, October 19, 2007

Refreshing your CV to help your search for new construction jobs

It is a good idea to refresh you whole CV when next searching for a construction job rather than just adding in your last employment. Most people fall into this trap and it risk their CV’s becoming outdated.

The job you are applying for will require particular skills and abilities so you can tailor the CV accordingly. You will gain more construction experience and relevant skills that you can use to highlight how suitable you are.

Firstly, work out exactly what types of skills, experience and abilities will be required in the construction jobs you are applying to and then look at your own. If you are changing to apply to construction manager jobs from for example, electrical construction jobs, you will need to extract specific skills and the experience you have gained that are relevant to the new role and highlight your strengths in these.

Move onto an education and training and pick out the construction related areas that will be relevant to the role and include these in your CV.

Then think about any additional activities and hobbies that you may have that will help sell yourself in. For example, if you are applying for a builders job and have been working on building a house with a friend, explain what you have done highlighting what you have learnt and how you have developed.

It is extremely important that you tailor your CV to the construction jobs you are applying to and ensure you make the changes necessary to make you stand out. If the reader can see your skills match exactly what they are looking for, you will not have any problems finding new construction work.

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