Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Helpful Guide To Choosing Reputable Recuritment Agencies

Finding good recruiting agencies depends on what you want out of the experience. Recruiting agencies are found in the phone books and online, so they aren’t hard to find. There are many things to consider when deciding on your personal recruiting agency. While most agencies are reputable, there can be those that are an unnecessary waste of your time or an outright scam. Learn how to discriminate between those agencies that can be of service to you in your career path and those that you should avoid.

One scam to stay away from when looking for the right recruitment agencies, are ones that require you to pay the entire fee. This is a scam for people who act like recruiters, but instead charge the potential employee fees for their services. You should never pay the entire fee for any recruiting agency. They may at times charge a subscription fee to view a listing, but normally there are so many that offer this service for free, why pay for it? Employers are fine with paying reputable recruiters to find them good talent.

Other recruiting agencies that you want to watch out for are ones that gives you too many interviews. This may seem like a good thing, until you realize that you are being used as filler and many of the interviews were not even matched to your qualifications. Some agencies get paid by the interview, so the more people they schedule for interviews, the more they make. Your interviews should be matched to your qualifications and you should have a good possibility of getting hired, otherwise they don't need to send you in the first place.

Also, steer clear of recruiting agencies that ask for references before an interview. A lot of recruiters make their money through networking. Sometimes that networking is accomplished by asking for names from their current clients. If you are asked for references before an interview is even scheduled, they may be on the search for other talent, not particularly you.

When you find the recruitment agency that you believe to be the perfect match for you, make sure that your recruiter is actively working to place you . If you don't get a phone call after you've chosen an agency, you are most likely not being marketed. You still need to do your own job hunting and keep the recruiter as just one option you are exploring.

You also need to think about what you are looking for long-term. There are recruitment agencies that specialize in short-term contracts only. It's up to you to determine if you want to take this type of job. Once you start to contract, it can quickly become the only type of employment you get. If you want a more long-term relationship and are not in financial hardship, wait for a job that offers benefits and a long-term future.

Study these steps and learn to distinguish career paths that are a waste of time. Taking the time to look over your options beforehand will insure that you advance in your career, using what is given to you through recruitment agencies.

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