Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Aviation Maintenance Schools

A directory of schools providing quick and easy information about their programs, organized by location; and links to related career categories.

Aircraft mechanics play a key role in the safe and reliable operations of planes. Tasks include routine maintenance, systems upgrades, and responding to feedback from pilots and other airline personnel. The technician must be able to use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot problems, and to install new systems in accordance with precise and detailed instructions. Aviation maintenance programs will provide you with hands on experience working on:

* airplane engines
* fuel systems
* electrical systems
* landing gear
* navigation systems
* aircraft flaps
* valves
* pumps
* air-conditioning systems
* and more ...

Aviation maintenance schools provide you with classroom instruction designed to help you learn the theory of operation and field experience so you can get direct practical experience with your hands on the plane, including familiarity with aircraft monitoring boxes. You will also learn how to use advanced aviation maintenance tools including aviation computer electronics and aviation maintenance software.

An aviation maintenance certification will help you compete for jobs working for airlines or airports, the federal government or aircraft assembly firms. Aviation mechanics work on many different type of aircraft, such as jets, propeller driven planes, and even helicopters. Jobs can also include many roles, such as:

* powerplant mechanic
* airframe mechanic
* combination airframe and powerplant mechanics (also known as A&P mechanics)

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