Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Best Online Degree for Business

When most people think about a business degree, they automatically assume that that is exactly what it is, one single degree that covers the entire business world. They're wrong. In reality, there are several different types of degrees that all fall under the heading of business.

The top 10 business degrees currently are: business administration, management, leadership, project management, information systems management, finance, technology management, entrepreneurship, human resources, and international/global business. The Master of the Business Administration (MBA) is currently the most popular online graduate degree. The Masters in Management degree is the second most popular MBA and a Masters in Leadership is the third most popular.

Students who want to study business topics such as hiring, coaching, and benefits would be advised to pursue a degree in human resource management. A corporation’s human resource management team consist of individuals who review résumés, take applications, and often give the first interview to potential employees.

Students with a Human Resource Management degree often begin their careers with a salary that is in the mid-$30,000 range. As they gain experience, many employees go on to make more than $80,000 per year. Students studying human resource management normally take classes such as labor relations, workplace law, benefits planning, and professional development.

Students who have a strong desire to work in a company that is part of the global market and uses the latest technology should consider pursuing a degree in business management. Business management degree holders are renowned for their strong application skills, being able to analyze problems quickly, and their ability to think critically.

When involved in the business management degree program, students combine business administration skills with business concepts. In 2004, the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the average salary for business management degree holders was approximately $85,000 per year.

If a student is considering going into business, they might consider earning a business degree in leadership. A leadership degree assists potential executives in developing the skills they will need to compete in the business world. Students who are already in the workforce often pursue a leadership degree in hopes of a promotion or are considering starting a business. A recent survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the average salary for a leadership degree recipient is about $43,000 per year. If that same degree holder goes on to become a chief executive officer of a smaller medium-size Corporation, they might make as much $125,000 per year.

Leadership degree programs focused on development, organizational dynamics, business trends, and long-range planning. In addition, these degrees are also designed to help students develop their creative abilities and learn how to deal with problem solving a business world. Many leadership degree programs also encourage students to take courses in health and wellness.

Students who have an interest in budget analysis, investment banking, or real estate, should do well in a finance degree program. After completing a finance degree program, many students go on to pursue careers in budget analysis, investment banking, loan offices, underwriters, personal finance advisers, real estate, and money management. Most careers of this kind require a bachelors degree in finance as well as certification from the Chartered Financial Analysis or the Chartered Financial Consultant designations.

Some people are not meant to be employees. Some people are destined to own their own business. If this is how a student feels, they should consider pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship. By the time the student is done with their bachelors degree program, they will be endowed with such traits as: leadership, perseverance, ambition, independence, passion, future orientation, ingenuity, and creativity.

Some students dream of doing business in an international forum. For these students, there are international business degree programs. International degree programs are designed to teach students how businesses operate in an international forum. In addition to dealing with the typical business curriculum, students enrolled in a international business degree program also learn about international law, customs, strategic alliances, joint ventures with foreign firms, international trade, and will study real-world cases.


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