Wednesday, October 3, 2007

College Preparation

Depending on your personality, preparing for college is either the most exciting thing you'll ever do or the scariest. You're leaving the high school you've always known, preparing to make new friends, abandoning the rules and regulations imposed by your parents, and stepping into a whole new world of exciting possibilities and advanced knowledge.

Basically, you are leaving all that you've ever known and entering into a world where anything could happen. You are about to embark on the next stage of your life.

Whether the experience is terrifying or exciting there are some simple steps you can take to make the college preparation go smoothly.

You heard it before but try to get the highest possible GPA while you're in high school. The higher your GPA the more schools there will be that are interested in you. In addition to having more schools to choose from, working for the highest possible high school grade point average will also teach you valuable study habits that will continue on to college and graduate school.

Study and prepare for your college ACT or SAT test. If you receive a low score, plan on taking the test a second time. Colleges and universities study the results of these tests very carefully when screening potential students.

Know what type a degree you would like to have when you're finished with college. Certain schools offer a better certificate of completion while other colleges are more focused upon their bachelor’s degree programs. If you see a community college in the near future, you'll probably be enrolled in an associate's degree program.

Students and their parents need to start thinking about how they plan to finance college. Students should remember that they do not have to be accepted in a college or university to apply for financial aid. Students should fill out their FAFSA application immediately and start researching the types of loans they are eligible for. Students should remember that, unlike most bank loans, they do not have to be eighteen years old to apply for student loans.

If you’re are planning on living on campus, try to get a list of things you will need from the school early. The sooner you start shopping for school items the more relaxed you will be in the weeks leading up to the move in date.

There are many websites available that have resources to help parents and students prepare for the transition from high school to college.

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